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How to declare with paper forms - pre-completed tax return

You can use MyTax to make corrections to your pre-completed tax return. If you do not have the opportunity to make corrections online, you can authorise someone else to file the tax return in MyTax on your behalf.

If you make your corrections by using paper forms, the required form numbers are stated on your tax return next to each pre-completed entry. Do not attempt to enter the corrections in the A4 printout that you received to your home address. For example, you must use two different forms to claim the tax credit for household expenses, and to report any rental income you have received. See a list of all paper forms. 

The forms for corrections must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date printed on your return. To avoid a penalty payment for late filing, we recommend that you send us the necessary corrections well in advance of the due date.


Make sure you have the necessary forms

Look up the form number next to the pre-completed entry.


Send the completed forms to their return address

The return address for these forms is
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. BOX 700
00052 VERO

You can ask for a return envelope together with the forms by telephone or at the tax office. You can also use your own envelope. In that case, remember to buy a postal stamp.

Do not enclose any receipts or other documentation with the forms – if necessary, we will contact you to ask for them later. Read more about the requirements for how receipts should be stored.


Send the forms well in advance of the due date

Make sure to get the correction forms early and allow enough time for their postal delivery back to the Tax Administration. If you do not send us your corrections on time, you may have to pay a late-filing penalty.

Please take account of the following:

  • The written entries will be read by computer, by optical character recognition. For this reason, make sure your entries stay inside each field of the form. Do not fasten the paper forms together with a stapler.
  • Only fill in forms printed out on, or forms you have picked up at the local tax office. Do not use photocopies. Photocopied forms may have inferior quality, making optical character recognition difficult.
  • Remember to enter your name and personal ID on all pages.

Use the following forms

1A Travel expenses – Commuting to and from work
1B Travel expenses – Weekend travel
1C Travel expenses – Trips to a secondary place of work
1D Travel expenses – Deductible as expenses for the production income (e.g. travel expenses for special sectors)
7H Rental income – Rental apartments
7K Rental income – Real estate
7L Rental income – Other property
9 Capital gain or capital loss
9A Capital gains and capital losses from trading with securities
10 Grants
11 Production of income
13 Account of shareholder loans and distribution of earned and capital income for dividends
14A Tax credit for domestic costs, work performed by company
14B Tax credit for wages paid to a household employee 
14C Tax credit for household costs – certificate issued by the company’s country
14D Tax credit for electricity – tax credit for household expenses related to electricity costs 2023
16A Statement on foreign income (earned income)
16B Statement on foreign income (capital income)
19 Deduction for second home for work
50A Earned income and deductions
50B Capital income and deductions

Claim for progressive taxation of earned income (6148e) if you are a resident of a country within the European Economic Area or a country that has signed a tax treaty with Finland.

What you have reported on paper forms will be displayed in MyTax

If you send us information on paper, the same information will later be displayed in MyTax. You can see it in MyTax after the Tax Administration has saved the content of your paper forms. This process may take as long as two weeks.

Page last updated 2/19/2024