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If you need a tax card, log in to MyTax to get it.

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Use calculator to estimate whether you need a change in your withholding tax percentage rate.

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You will need information on your income and deductions for your tax card

Estimate your total income for the year.

Calculate the income and taxes accrued from the beginning of the year.

Add information on possible deductions.

Cards are saved as pdf files in MyTax, so you can start using your card whenever you need it. Most employers or other payors need to have the tax card in their accounting office approximately 2 weeks in advance of their next payday.

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Frequently asked questions

If your income changes or if the income ceiling needs to be changed, you need a new tax card. Request a new card if you change jobs, become unemployed, etc.

When you submit an order for a new tax card, you can also report some deductible expenses that you must pay this year, so that they can be taken into account and will lower your withholding rate.

Guidance on how to apply for a tax card in MyTax

Invoicing service companies have different ways of operating.

Read more about working through an invoicing service company

You do not need to request an increase for your withholding from the Tax Administration unless you are exceeding the annual income ceiling stated on your card. You can directly ask your employer or other payer of income to apply a withholding rate or additional rate higher than the rate on your tax card. Increasing the rate may be necessary if the tax rate has been calculated based on deductions that you will no longer have in 2021 (such as expenses for the production of income, or interest).

Your 2021 tax card contains an income ceiling for 11 months (from February to December). The calculation that you received enclosed with the card shows your income ceiling for 12 months.

If your income will be higher than the ceiling, you must request a new tax card.

See the guidance for using MyTax: How to order a tax card in MyTax

If your income is considerably lower or your deductions are considerably higher than what is stated on the tax decision enclosed with your tax card, you can request a lower tax rate online or at a tax office.

If you do not request a decreased tax rate, all the excess taxes withheld from your income due to your high tax rate will be refunded to you with interest. Even if you  request the change later in the year, you will receive the same benefit during 2019.

Request a tax card at MyTax

Yes, you can. Go to your MyTax mailbox. You will find the tax card in a printable format.

When you have opened your tax card in MyTax, you can save it as a PDF file in two different ways:

  • Option 1: Click Save and select PDF as the format.
  • Option 2: Click Print. Select “Save As PDF”. Click Save. Select the folder where you want to save your tax card. Click Save.

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