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If you need a tax card for 2019, log in to MyTax to get it.

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See the guidance for using MyTax: How to order a tax card in MyTax

You will need information on your income and deductions for your tax card

Estimate your total income for the year.

Calculate the income and taxes accrued from the beginning of the year.

Add information on possible deductions.


You can choose to print the tax card yourself or receive it by mail to your home or other address, such as your employer’s address. Cards created in MyTax are saved as pdf files in MyTax, so you can start using your card whenever you need it. Most employers or other payors need to have the tax card in their accounting office approximately 2 weeks in advance of their next payday.

You can also order a tax card in other ways

New tax cards have new features

We have not posted any tax cards between 9 and 14 August 2019 on account of a printing problem. You will receive your tax card by post in a few days.

The tax card is already available to you in MyTax. You can save the tax card as a PDF file, print it out and start using it.

Invoicing service companies have different ways of operating.

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You do not need to request an increase for your tax rate from the Tax Administration. You can directly ask your employer or other payer of income to apply a withholding rate or additional rate higher than the rate on your tax card. Increasing the rate may be necessary if the tax rate has been calculated based on deductions that you will no longer have in 2019 (such as expenses for the production of income, or interest).

Your 2019 tax card contains an income ceiling for 11 months (from February to December). The calculation that you received enclosed with the card shows your income ceiling for 12 months.

See the guidance for using MyTax: How to order a tax card in MyTax

Tax Administration’s letters and taxpayer documents have been redesigned following an update to our data systems. This year’s tax card looks different than before. The 2019 tax card only shows your last name and one first name. However, all given names will be included on tax cards in future.

Natural persons who reside in other countries have a “municipality of domicile” in Finland for tax purposes – it is either Helsinki or Mariehamn/Maarianhamina.  However, the nonresident person’s actual municipal tax is determined by the average rate of municipal income tax. This practice is the same as before. In other words, the printed municipality of domicile on your card has no impact on your percentage rate of withholding.

If your income is considerably lower or your deductions are considerably higher than what is stated on the tax decision enclosed with your tax card, you can request a lower tax rate online or at a tax office.

If you do not request a decreased tax rate, all the excess taxes withheld from your income due to your high tax rate will be refunded to you with interest. Even if you  request the change later in the year, you will receive the same benefit during 2019.

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