Forgotten to report important details?

If you forgot to report income or deductions before the deadline for filing your tax return, submit the details you failed to report as soon as possible. MyTax is always open – you can submit the information online or with a paper form.

E-file in MyTax 

How to report information online. 
How to report information on paper. 

Late fee or tax increase

Please note that a €50 late fee may be imposed on you if you fail to report your income on time. If the income is not reported until the Tax Administration sends you a reminder, a tax increase will be imposed. A tax increase is also imposed when income details are reported after the completion of your tax assessment. Everyone has their own end date for the tax assessment process. The end date is shown on your tax decision.

Read more about late-filing penalties and the punitive tax increase.

Any deductions you failed to report can also be reported after the deadline for filing the tax return. In general, no late fee or tax increase is imposed on deductions that were not reported on time, unless the omission is recurring or due to an apparent disregard for one's tax obligations.

After the tax assessment is finished

If your tax assessment process has already ended or you want to make corrections to the details you have reported for previous tax years, fill in and submit a claim for adjustment. Claims for adjustment can be submitted in MyTax or with a paper form. Read the appeal instructions. After your claim for adjustment has been processed, we will send you the decision.