Incomes Register

Electronic database of incomes information
Incomes Register

The Incomes Register - towards the digital society

The Incomes Register is a national online database. It contains comprehensive information on individuals' wages, pensions and benefits. How does The Incomes Register change the way we work?

Project phases

  • 4.

    Apply for using the technical interface

    From 1 November to 14 December 2018 Use of the technical interface requires an application for access right and a certificate.
  • 5.

    Deployment of the Incomes Register

    1 January 2019 The Incomes Register will be deployed with regard to earnings payment data. In 2020, pensions and benefits will also be reported.
  • 6.

    Last annual notifications for 2018

    January 2019
  • 7.

    Pension and benefits payment data will be reported to the Incomes Register from 1 January 2020

    1 January 2020