Incomes Register

Electronic database of incomes information
Incomes Register

What is the Incomes Register? Learn the basics on the Incomes Register by watching this video. (Videos only available in Finnish and Swedish) More videos

Project phases

  • 1.

    The Act on the Incomes Information System entered into force

  • 2.

    Update authorised signatory information on companies and organisations

    Spring 2018 Make sure the authorised signatory information is correct.
  • 3.

    Authorise the necessary persons to use the Incomes Register

    Autumn 2018 The following roles are available: “reporting earnings payment data” and “browsing earnings payment data”. You can authorise e.g. another person or an accounting office to act on your behalf.
  • 4.

    Deployment of the Incomes Register

    1 January 2019 The Incomes Register will be deployed with regard to earnings payment data. In 2020, pensions and benefits will also be reported.