1A Travel expenses – Commuting (3005e)

You can claim deductions for your commuting expenses between home and work either in MyTax or on Form 1A. Deductible commuting expenses include

  • Trips between your permanent residence (home) and your main place of work.
  • Trips between the place where you are spending nights (such as the second home you have obtained) or your secondary place of work.

You are required to report miscellaneous travel expenses in MyTax or with the following forms:

  • Trips between your accommodation and the secondary place of work – Form 1C.
  • Expenses for going home for the weekend – Form 1B.
  • Trips to a place where you work if your occupation is within 'special sectors' (such as the construction sector, the earthmoving sector and work related to forestry) – Form 1D.

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