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Car taxation – when you buy or bring into Finland a car not earlier registered in Finland

You must pay car tax in the following circumstances:

  • You took a vehicle with you from a foreign country and you are re-registering it in Finland.
  • You buy a vehicle in Finland that has no registration. You are registering it for the first time.
  • You put a vehicle into operation in Finland – unless it is a vehicle subject to tax-exempt use.

Vehicle tax

The Finnish car tax is only paid once – at the time of the motor vehicle's first entry into service in the territory of Finland, or at the time of the vehicle's registration here.

Vehicle tax has to be paid once a year. The Finnish Transport and Communications agency Traficom collects the vehicle tax from car owners annually (ajoneuvovero in Finnish, not discussed in this guidance).

How much car tax do I have to pay?

The car tax calculator can give you an estimate of how much car tax you must pay on a used vehicle. You can search for the price of the vehicle in the price information service for used vehicles.

Submit a declaration of use and report the car tax

Submit a declaration of use and file a car tax return, if you are taking the vehicle into taxable use before registering it in Finland. Read the instructions for submitting and filing.

Pay the car tax

When the Tax Administration has processed your car tax return, you will receive a car tax decision. See the payment instructions.

Tax-exempt use of a motor vehicle

Check the requirements and conditions for the exemption. Submit a declaration of tax-exempt use to the Tax Administration before you begin operating the vehicle.


Appealing against a decision on car tax.

Businesses and corporations

Go to Car taxation for business customers.

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