MyTax is the Tax Administration’s e-service, where you can take care of most of your tax matters.

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You can log in to MyTax with your online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a Katso ID. If you wish to act on behalf of someone else, you will need authorisation. Read more about authorisations

Employer: your total liabilities based on the reports submitted to the Incomes Register are indicated in MyTax at Employer’s earnings payment data. If there are mistakes in the MyTax data, submit your corrections to the Incomes Register. The data will be updated to MyTax within a few business days. 

In MyTax, you can

  • request a tax card or prepayments
  • file a personal or corporate tax return
  • pay taxes and submit a bank account number
  • read your own details

Later you will also be able to

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Instructions for using MyTax

Individual taxpayers

Corporate taxpayers