50A Earned income and deductions (3023e)

Check the amounts printed on your pre-completed tax return. If there are errors and omissions, you can enter corrections in MyTax or with Form 50A.

The amounts you can report and correct include the following:

  • Wages, salaries, fees and compensation
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Other earned income
  • Membership fees and unemployment-fund fees paid to trade unions
  • Expenses for the production of income relating to your wages
  • Child maintenance paid in connection with divorce, etc.
  • Your disability percentage (only on paper form)

Please note: claim any travel and commuting expenses on Forms 1A–1D, claim the tax credit for household expenses on Forms 14A–14C, and claim deduction for a second home on Form 19. You can also use MyTax to file the information and amounts relating to the above forms.

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If you opt for paper filing, return address is
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. BOX 700
00052 VERO.