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Tax card

If you need to have your tax withholding percent changed, read the instructions and get a new tax card.

Bank account number

Let us know your bank account number if you have a new or changed bank account. The Tax Administration needs the account number for transferring any tax refunds to you.

Pre-completed tax return

Did you forget to file information? Read the instructions and act immediately. If you made additions or changes to your tax return, you will get a new tax decision by 31 October. – Finland in your language

Comprehensive guidance about living in Finland, public services, taxes in English, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, French, Russian, Somali, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and Spanish.

Nordisk eTax

Nordisk eTax is for you who live in a Nordic country and have income or assets in another Nordic country.

Work in Finland

Read instructions for arriving in Finland to work here: you need a tax card and/or an individual tax number.

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