Pre-completed tax return

If you made corrections to your tax return, you will get a new tax decision. In that case, the payment date of your tax refund or the due dates of your back taxes will probably be postponed. You can find the new payment or due dates on the new tax decision.

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Tax refunds

Most tax refunds are paid on 6 August or 4 September. Submit your bank account number in MyTax.

Frequently asked questions

Tax number

Everyone working at a construction site or on an installation project must have a tax number. You can get your tax number at a tax office. If you already have a tax number, ask for it to be included on the public register of tax numbers. You can start working at the construction site after your tax number is registered.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

1 July Due date for inheritance tax and gift tax. If the Tax Administration finishes your assessment process on the due date or in June, your tax refund will be used to cover this tax on 1 July, even if you make the payment on the due date.

1 July Due date for back taxes of self-employed individuals, for example.

4 July Tax refund will be paid to self-employed individuals, for example. - Finland in your language

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