Tax refunds

All tax refunds will be paid by December. The next refund date is 4 December. You can see your refund date in MyTax. Please check that your bank account number is correct.

Frequently asked questions

Tax credit for household expenses

You can already report creditable expenses for 2019 for your tax card. This way, you will benefit from the credit immediately. You can also submit information in advance for the tax return you receive in spring 2020.

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Transfer tax

You can use MyTax to file and pay transfer taxes. To send payments, enter a bank reference number for transfer tax. You can get it in MyTax or phone our service number to ask for it.

Frequently asked questions

Important Dates and Deadlines

2 December Due date for back taxes. If your tax assessment was completed in October, the first due date for your back taxes is 2 December.

4 December Date when refund is paid to bank account. If your tax assessment was completed in October, you will receive your tax refund on 4 December.