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Tax card

If your income or deductions change, your withholding rate may be too high or low. In that case, you may want to make changes to your tax card.

You can change the tax card as many times as necessary during the calendar year.

Back taxes

If the end date of your tax-assessment process was in October, you must pay the first instalment of your back taxes by 1 December 2023.

For the majority of individual taxpayers, the due dates were in August, September, October and November.


If the end date of assessment was in October, the date when you can receive a refund is 4 December 2023. It will be paid into your bank account some time during that day.

Check the reasons why you may not receive your tax refund on the tax refund date.

Financial difficulties

Specific instructions for various types of taxes if you pay late.

You will receive 1–3 reminders before your overdue taxes are sent to the enforcement authorities for recovery. If you cannot pay the tax by the date indicated, you can apply for a payment arrangement.

Tax credit for household expenses

You can claim the credit if you pay for work to be done in your home, such as cleaning, child care, renovation, or computer installation.

How to claim tax credit for household expenses.

Give up paper mail

Activate messages. You will receive an e-mail whenever MyTax has new information about your taxes.