Pay any back taxes that are overdue

If you did not pay your back taxes when they fell due on 3 December 2018, you will receive a payment reminder in your summary. The summary is shown in MyTax.

Make an additional prepayment

If you have not paid enough tax in 2018, you can request for an additional prepayment and pay it in MyTax. By paying an additional prepayment you can avoid having to pay back taxes and late-payment interest with relief.

Additional prepayment has replaced the supplementary prepayment, which is why you should not enter any old supplementary prepayment information when paying.

Work in Finland

If you arrive in Finland to work, the most important single factor affecting your tax treatment is how long you stay.

Receive less paper mail

To stop receiving paper-printed correspondence from public authorities, visit to switch to e-messaging. After this, you will receive an e-mail as well as an e-message via whenever a new tax card, tax return, or other correspondence has arrived to you in MyTax. - Finland in your language

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