Tax decision

If you made corrections to your tax return, you will get a new tax decision. In that case, the payment date of your tax refund or the due dates of your back taxes will probably be postponed. You can find the new payment or due dates on the new tax decision.

Frequently asked questions

Tax refunds

All tax refunds will be paid by December. The next refund date is 5 November. You can see your refund date in MyTax. Please check that your bank account number is correct.

Frequently asked questions

Real estate tax

The due date for the second instalment of real estate tax is 15 October. The payment information is included in the real estate tax decision you received in the spring. The information is not available in MyTax yet.

Important Dates and Deadlines

15 October Due date of real estate tax. If your taxes are above €170 in total, you will have two instalments to pay. The second instalment’s due date is 15 October.

23 October Due date for tax prepayment. If the Tax Administration finishes your assessment process on the due date or earlier in October, your tax refund will be used to cover this tax on 23 October, even if you make the payment on the due date.

1 November Due date for back taxes. If your tax assessment was completed in September, the first due date for your back taxes is 1 November. Please note! Due to service break, MyTax closes on 1 November at 3.30 pm. – Finland in your language

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