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You cannot see your assessment decision, refund or back tax online. These details are on your assessment decision enclosed with your pre-completed tax return. You may also have received the decision separately at a later date.

If you have lost the decision, call the service number +358 29 497 002 (individual income tax).

If you have lost your bank transfer forms, call the service number +358 29 497 026 (payments). The service number will provide the details you need for making the payments.

You can also ask for new bank forms to be delivered to you so you can pay your back taxes. They will be sent to you within a week.
Request new bank forms (in Finnish and Swedish only)

Remember to give us your address information and bank account number

Correct address information ensures that your tax correspondence comes to the right place. For example, when tax cards and tax returns are posted, we use the address that was valid in our register a few months before posting. Read more about changing your address

Money transfers are easier and faster if the Tax Administration has your current bank account number. For example, a tax refund transferred directly to your bank account will be available to you sooner than a refund by payment order. Read more about how to submit a new bank account number


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