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Your own details

You can read your own tax data and take care of almost all tax matters in MyTax.

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Please note

As the guardian, you can manage the taxes of an underage child in MyTax without authorisation.

Give up paper mail

Activate messages. You will receive an e-mail whenever MyTax has new information about your taxes.

Authorise someone else to manage your taxes

You can authorise another person to act on your behalf in MyTax.

Submit bank account number

It is easier and quicker to transfer money if we know your bank account number. For example, a tax refund will be with you much sooner when we pay it into your bank account and not by money order.

Check your address information

If you use paper forms and receive paper mail from us, make sure that your address information is up to date. We will mail the tax card and the tax return to the address that was in our records a few months before the mailing.

Page last updated 5/11/2017