Information on MyTax

MyTax is the Tax Administration’s e-service for taxpayers. You can take care of most of your tax matters in MyTax.

Instructions for using MyTax

How to log in to MyTax

How to grant authorisation

Frequently Asked Questions

Taxpayer service in MyTax

You can ask for advice in the MyTax chat or by calling our taxpayer service. MyTax also has a Help link, an easy way to access instructions and contact information.

When our service agents assist you on the phone in how to use the service, they can see your information in MyTax. Unfinished details will not be used in your tax assessment.

We will store your activities in MyTax so that we can investigate any faults or malfunction that may occur in the service. We will destroy the recordings after 30 days.

Taxpayers with a non-disclosure order – your information is in MyTax

If you have a non-disclosure order for personal safety reasons, MyTax shows the information covered by the order both to you and your authorised agent. At the Tax Administration, only named employees have access to the information.

In exceptional cases, a taxpayer service agent may see your contact details in a recording. The service agents are Tax Administration employees and bound by confidentiality.

Documents are not archived in MyTax

We keep documents in MyTax only for as long as we need them for tax assessment. If you need the documents for other purposes, save them on your computer or in some other way.

Frequently asked questions about MyTax

When you add or correct something in MyTax, it is usually not required of you to add any enclosures or attachments. It is enough if you just save the receipts, vouchers and other documentation, and enter the amount – how many euros to deduct, for example – in the appropriate field. The Tax Administration will ask for more information if necessary. For example, you may have to give more information later about a household expense or about your expenses for the production of income.

Some of the fields contain a feature that allows you to add attachments (e.g. some commuting expenses and travel expenses in special sectors of work, or the sale of corporate shares and other securities). For these fields, you will see the words Attachments and “Add file”.  

How to find the tax return for forestry (2C), agricultural operations (2 or 2Y) or business (5, 6A) in MyTax:

  1. Log in to MyTax.
  2. Find Activities on the right. Under Activities, select Tax returns and tax information.
  3. On the next page, MyTax asks you: “For which year do you want to file tax information?” Select the year 2019. The page will then show you the name of a tax return and a link to it: for example, Tax return for forestry.
  4. Select the link of the tax return that you want to edit.

See the illustrated MyTax instructions for help: