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Ask about taxes in our Chat

The Tax Administration’s chatbot, which we have named “Virtanen”, is ready to serve taxpayers 24 hours a day on and in MyTax. If you are an individual taxpayer or a self-employed person and you have tax issues, Virtanen’s automation can be a fast and easy way to find support.

How to start chatting

Click on the icon on the bottom right to start chatting. The icon only appears on the pages where the chat feature is available, in other words in MyTax and on the pages related to tax cards and the pre-completed income tax return.

After you open the chat, you are normally joined by Virtanen the chatbot. Ask your tax question in a clear way. Make the question short, and ask just one question at a time. Virtanen understands English and is able to answer you in English (besides Finnish and Swedish).

If Virtanen didn't understand the question you asked, or if Virtanen fails to find a scripted answer, you can still get an answer if you ask the question again in a different way.  More than 2,000 questions and answers are stored in Virtanen’s memory.  However, if it turns out to be necessary, Virtanen will suggest that you contact the Tax Administration's telephone service.

The chat only offers general instructions

In general, the chat is a way to talk about taxes anonymously. You can receive answers to general questions. No specific tax matters can be chatted about that involve personal data, such as someone’s personal identity code or bank account numbers.

The chat function’s improvement effort

We have an ongoing improvement program directed toward the scripted answer content and toward the chatbot’s ability to understand taxpayers’ questions.

After you receive an answer from Virtanen that you find useful, you can click the Like button to give us feedback. To give us more feedback, complete the questionnaire that appears on the screen when you finish chatting.

Further information

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