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Paying taxes – individual taxpayers

MyTax is the Tax Administration’s e-service for most of your tax matters. When you pay in MyTax, the amount is debited from your bank account on the same day. You cannot change the due date. When you have paid the tax, it will be displayed in MyTax in 1 to 2 days.

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Bank account and reference numbers

Whenever you pay taxes, use The Tax Administration's bank account number and your personalised reference number. You can look up the numbers in MyTax or on your tax decision.


E-invoices are easy to pay and help you comply with due dates.

Summary on tax payment status

Your summary contains information about your taxes and payments for the past month. You receive a summary if any of your taxes is unpaid.

Using a payment for different taxes

Different types of tax have different reference numbers. The reference number determines which tax your payment is used for.

Making payments from other countries

If you make the payment from a foreign bank, it may take some time before the payment arrives at the Tax Administration’s account.

Interest on late payments

If you pay your taxes late, you must also pay late-payment interest.

Page last updated 5/26/2023