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Rental income from residential and other property

You must report the rental income you receive and the expenses of renting. The income you receive as you rent out your investment property is treated as capital income, taxed at the tax rate in force. The rate for capital-income tax is 30% up to €30,000 and it rises to 34% for amounts exceeding the €30,000 threshold.

Are you planning to offer a dwelling unit for rent?

  • Getting started

    Your rental operation begins when you start offering the apartment or house for rent – including when you post an ad on a website to look for a tenant. Make an estimate of the current year’s rental income. In addition, make an estimate of the expenses of renting, including maintenance charges you pay to the housing company, interest payments on a loan, and other expenses. You can choose between reporting these amounts for the calculation of your withholding rate on the tax card and reporting them in order to pre-pay tax during the current year.

  • Report updated facts and information to the Tax Administration

    In general, we recommend that you report the rental income you receive and the expenses of renting in advance. This way, your taxes are kept up to date and you will not have to pay any back tax later. The final deadline for reporting is when you file your tax return next spring. You must give a report although it might be that your rental income is low, and after expenses you have little or no income subject to tax.

    Instructions for filing and payment

  • You are entitled to claim deductions

    They typically include housing-company charges, water bills, repairs. These expenses will lower the net amount subject to tax, so it means a lower capital-income tax for you.

    Further information on deductions

  • Termination and changes of rental activities

    If changes occur part way through the year, we recommend that you give an update concerning the income and expenses, so the termination of a rental contract or other changes can be included in a revised calculation of tax prepayments or tax-card withholding. Please note that you must ask the Tax Administration to lower or to stop your prepayments. You cannot just decide to leave a prepayment unpaid because you are no longer receiving rent.

Page last updated 4/26/2024