Pre-completed tax returns

In March or April 2019, you will receive a pre-completed tax return. We will send them to individual taxpayers by letter, and only in the national languages Finnish and Swedish. However, you can check all your tax return information in English in MyTax. 

If you find there is no need for corrections or additions, you do not have to do anything. If you want to make corrections, the deadline for them is 7 May, 14 May or 21 May 2019. You can check the date valid for you on your paper tax return and in MyTax.

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Tax return will change

The tax return has a new layout. Please note that for most taxpayers, the dates when the Tax Administration pays refunds and when the taxpayers’ back taxes fall due will be earlier in 2019. Read more about the upcoming changes.

Let us know your deductions already now in MyTax

The following deductions and credits for tax year 2018 can be entered in MyTax already now:


The date when your 2017 tax refund is transferred to your bank account is 11 December 2018. Precise information on your refunds is displayed in MyTax.

Back tax

The due date for the first instalment of 2017 back taxes is 3 December 2018; for the second instalment, it is 1 February 2019. The exact amount and instructions for payment are displayed in MyTax. You can also pay your back tax in MyTax.

Tax decision

The section on the paper form headed “Verotuspäätös” or “Beskattningsbeslut” (=tax decision) contains the result of your assessment for the year.

How to file returns

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File on paper