Tax decisions and pre-completed tax returns

You received the individual taxpayers’ pre-completed tax return last March or April. The majority of individuals also received a tax decision indicating the amount of a tax refund or the amount of back taxes, and the dates of payment.

Check your tax decision in MyTax

The due dates for the tax return this spring were either 7 May, 14 May or 21 May 2019. Did you forget to make your additions and corrections before deadline?  See the instructions and act as soon as you can!

The final result of your tax assessment is stated in your tax decision


If you made no additions or corrections

If you or your spouse did not make any corrections, the tax decision you received in spring as well as the tax certificate and any bank transfer forms for back taxes remain valid. In this case, you will receive no additional decision letter.


If you added or corrected something

You will receive a new tax decision if

  • you have made corrections to the pre-completed tax return
  • your spouse has made corrections to his or her tax return
  • the Tax Administration has received corrections from other sources.

In that case the payment date of your tax refund or the due dates of your back taxes will probably be postponed. We will send the new tax decisions to taxpayers before the end of October.


Check the details in the tax decision

When you receive your tax decision, check that the information is correct.


Correct any missing or incorrect information

If you find an obvious error in the tax decision (such as a mistake in a mathematical calculation, etc.), call our service number stated on the decision. That way, we can correct the error before your tax assessment ends. You can find the end date on the tax decision or in MyTax.

If you check your information but do not notice an error until after the end date, make a formal claim for adjustment.


Will you get a refund?

Most individual taxpayers will receive their tax refund on 6 August 2019 or on 4 September 2019. The exact date may vary. You can see your personal refund date in MyTax and on your tax decision.  Remember to also check that your bank account number is correct in MyTax.

If you corrected or added something to your tax return, the date of your refund will probably be pushed forward. Read more about tax refunds.

Read more about tax refunds


Will you have to pay back taxes?

Most of those individuals who have back taxes must pay the first instalment by 1 August 2019 and the second instalment by 1 October 2019. The dates may vary. Remember to check your personal due dates in MyTax or on your tax decision. If you added or corrected something to your tax return, the dates when you must pay back tax will probably be pushed forward.

You can see the details for your back taxes in MyTax and on your tax decision. If you have received a preliminary tax calculation with your tax return, do not pay your back taxes until you have received your final tax decision.

If you own real estate, please note that the due dates for real estate tax (3 September and 15 October) are quite close to the due dates for back taxes.

Read more about back taxes.

Frequently asked questions

Log in to MyTax. To view your tax decision, select “Mailbox” on the home page. Go to “Decisions and letters” and select "Show all". If the decision is ready, you can see it on the list. There may be changes to your tax information up until the end date of your assessment process. You will receive your tax decision at the end of October at the latest.

You may have received a notice of continued tax assessment for these reasons:

  • the Tax Administration has received information from other sources which affects your tax assessment
  • tax control measures are ongoing

There is no need for you to contact the Tax Administration.

You will receive a new tax decision by the end of October. The annual tax assessment ends at different times for different people. You will see the end date in the new tax decision.  The new tax decision will probably affect your tax refund date or due date for back taxes. The final assessment (amount of tax refund or back taxes and related interest) may also change.

Further information: tax refunds and back taxes