Pre-completed tax return

In March or April 2020, you will receive a pre-completed tax return. If there is no need for corrections or additions in your return, you do not have to do anything. If you want to make corrections, the deadline for them is 5 May, 12 May or 19 May 2020. You can check the deadline date on your tax return and in MyTax.

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Self-employed business operators and agricultural operators as well as their spouses receive their pre-completed tax returns in March. The deadline for corrections to these returns is 2 April 2020.

Let us know some of your tax-return information already now in MyTax

You can submit part of your 2019 tax return in MyTax already now. The information you can enter and save already now includes for example deductible travel expenses, the credit for household expenses, any deductions for a second home in another district because of your work, information on rental income, information on capital gains and losses from the sale of property (other than corporate stock and securities). See a list of items that you can enter in MyTax at the present time.


The date of payment of your refund will depend on the end date of your tax assessment. The Tax Administration will pay the next refunds to most individual taxpayers in August 2020. To check your tax refund – how much you receive and when – see your assessment decision or log in to MyTax later in the spring.

Back tax

The due dates of any back taxes you may have will depend on the end date of your tax assessment. For the majority of individual taxpayers the first instalment will fall due in August 2020. The exact amount and instructions for payment will be in MyTax. You can also pay your back tax in MyTax.

How to file returns

File in MyTax
File on paper

Tax decision

The section on the paper form headed “Verotuspäätös” or “Beskattningsbeslut” (=tax decision) contains the result of your assessment for the year.