Pre-completed tax return

All the pre-completed tax returns are now in MyTax. They arrive by post by the end of April.

If there is no need for corrections or additions in your return, you do not have to do anything.

If you want to make corrections, the deadline for them is 5 May, 12 May or 19 May 2020. You can check the deadline date on your tax return and in MyTax.

Self-employed business operators and agricultural operators as well as their spouses: the deadline for corrections is 2 April 2020.

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When you receive your tax return, this is what you should do:


Check the tax return

Always check all the pre-completed data on your tax return. How to check your tax return.


If everything is correct, you do not need to do anything

If there is nothing to add or correct, you do not have to do anything. If you have not made any changes by the deadline date, we will consider that you have submitted your return with the contents that were pre-completed in it.


Correct missing or incorrect details

If there is something that you must add to or correct in your tax return, make the changes in MyTax or file them on paper forms.

Please note! You can't make the corrections by calling the tax administration.

The corrections you have made to your tax return in MyTax or on paper forms must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date stated in your return. You can see the due date on your return’s cover page and in MyTax.


Will you get a refund?

Most individual taxpayers will receive their tax refund on 4 August 2020 or on 4 September 2020. The exact date may vary. You can see your personal refund date in MyTax and on your tax decision.  Remember to also check that your bank account number is correct in MyTax.

If you corrected or added something to your tax return, the date of your refund will probably be pushed forward. Read more about tax refunds.

Read more about tax refunds


Will you have to pay back taxes?

Most of those individuals who have back taxes must pay the first instalment by 3 August 2020 and the second instalment by 1 October 2020. The dates may vary. Remember to check your personal due dates in MyTax or on your tax decision. If you added or corrected something to your tax return, the dates when you must pay back tax will probably be pushed forward.

You can see the details for your back taxes in MyTax and on your tax decision. If you have received a preliminary tax calculation with your tax return, do not pay your back taxes until you have received your final tax decision.

If you own real estate, please note that the due dates for real estate tax are quite close to the due dates for back taxes (for most payers of real estate tax, the due dates are 6 August 2020 and 6 October 2020).

Read more about back taxes.

Extended time for filing

You may ask for an extension of time for filing the tax return if you have a valid reason for it, for example if you get ill. Complete an application form and submit it to the Tax Administration before the deadline date of the tax return.

Log in to MyTax to complete the extension form, or print it out on paper, fill it out, and send it to the Tax Administration.