Tax decision for 2017

Last spring, you received an envelope containing the pre-completed tax return with a decision on your assessment enclosed. If you did not send back any corrections, the result of the 2017 assessment will not change. All the documents in the envelope continue to be valid: the decision, the certificate of assessment, and the payment slips for back taxes (if any). In these circumstances, we do not send you a new version in the autumn.

If you did send us corrections, or if we received corrections from third parties, a new version of the assessment decision has been sent to you in August, September or October.

The 2017 decision is not displayed in MyTax. You can only have it as a paper document. If you need a new copy of your decision, call the service number 029 497 002 (Income taxes of individual taxpayers, limited service available in English).

Check the new decision

If you received a new version of the decision, please check it carefully to make sure all the corrections you had made are recorded as they should be. You may receive a new version even if you didn't make any corrections or additions yourself. If you do receive it, compare the new version with the old version from last spring.

The old version also included a specification section (heading text: Erittelyosa) with details on the sum totals printed on the assessment decision. The specification also indicates the sources from where the information has arrived. The letter you receive in autumn does not contain a new specification. Instead, you only receive your new decision and, if you must pay back tax, payment slips.

Make the necessary corrections

The Tax Administration has completed its assessment process for the 2017 tax year on 31 October 2018. If there is an error in your tax decision, you can file a claim for adjustment in MyTax or on a paper form (Claim for adjustment of income tax - individuals).

Payment information for your back taxes is in MyTax

If you have misplaced the payment slips, you can log in to MyTax to find instructions for payment. You can use MyTax for paying.

Log in to MyTax

If necessary, you can contact our telephone service on 029 497 026 (Payment transactions, limited service available in English, standard call rates) to receive the instructions you need for making the payment.

Save the specification section

If you receive a new decision on tax assessment in the autumn, it replaces the one you got in spring. However, it is a good idea to save the original version’s specification. The specification for 2017 is not available in MyTax.

If you must pay back tax, a new set of payment slips will be enclosed with your new decision. If, instead, you are due a tax refund, the Tax Administration will transfer it to the bank account printed on your decision. If your bank account number has changed, log in to MyTax and update your bank account number.

Your tax decision is the final result of your taxation for the year

Advance amounts have been withheld on your income during the tax year according to the percentage rates printed on your tax card. Alternatively, you may have paid us prepayments during the year yourself. Your tax card for the year has only contained estimates of your income and deductions.

In the final tax assessment, all the estimated values are compared with real values. This is the final result that the decision shows you. In other words, the tax decision is the final calculation of the year's taxes.