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Retired and working at the same time

If you work while retired, you will need a separate tax card for wages.

Instructions: How to request tax cards for pension and wage income in MyTax

Monitor the accrual of income during the year, especially if you have multiple employers or multiple prinicipals.

Working occasionally

If you earn occasional wage income, you will need a tax card for wages. In most cases, the tax rate applied to pension remains unchanged, particularly if the amount of wage income is low. Before starting work, you should contact the pension provider and find out how the work will affect your pension.

Retired part-time or partial early old-age pension and working at the same time

If you are a part-time pensioner, you will need a tax card for wages, as well as a tax card for pension. When requesting tax cards, you will need a decision on your new pension and information on your income and deductions from the beginning of the year. The tax rates for your wages and part-time pension are the same. You can give the same tax card for wages to multiple payors.

We will deliver the new tax card for pension directly to the pension provider.

You can work freely while receiving an old-age pension (earnings-related pension plus national pension and guarantee pension): wage income does not affect the amount of pension. Instead, pensions such as the disability pension are subject to working restrictions.
Always contact the pension provider in advance to find out how working affects your pension.

Page last updated 3/1/2022