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MyTax instructions for tax cards

You can get your current tax card from MyTax and send it to the payer.

How to find your valid tax card in MyTax

When you need a new tax card, you can select the complete or short version of the tax card request in MyTax. For example, if only your pay changes, select the short tax card request. You can switch from the short version to the complete version at any time.

You can also request a tax card in MyTax by using your mobile phone.

Tax card for wage income, benefit income or travel expenses

How to request a tax card for wages or benefit income in MyTax

Select the short tax card request in the following situations:

  • your wages change or you start a new employment
  • you receive fringe benefits
  • you study and work
  • you receive a benefit, such as a parental allowance or an unemployment allowance
  • you are reporting or changing your commuting expenses
  • you have paid membership fees for a labour market organisation
  • you are requesting a tax card for your underage child.

Tax card for pension

When you start receiving retirement income, you need a tax card for pension – how to request a tax card in MyTax

Tax card for informal care support, trade income or deductions

How to request a tax card in MyTax – informal care support, trade income, pay from your own company

How to file deductions in MyTax

Select the complete tax card request in the following situations:

  • you receive informal care support
  • you receive wages from your own company
  • you receive trade income or compensation for use
  • you are reporting deductions, such as tax credit for household expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Get a new tax card and inform the Tax Administration of your current, updated income and expenses.

How to request a revised card in MyTax

Increasing the card's percentage rate may be necessary if it was calculated based on deductions that you no longer have in 2024 (such as expenses for travel and commuting, but you no longer travel as often).

Changing your 2024 rate may help you avoid having to pay back taxes next year.

Your 2024 tax card contains an income ceiling for 11 months (from February to December). The tax card shows an estimate of your income for the year, and the tax rate is based on this amount.

If your income is considerably lower or your deductions are considerably higher than what is stated on the tax decision enclosed with your tax card, you can request a lower tax rate online or at a tax office.

See the guidance for using MyTax: How to order a tax card in MyTax

If you do not request a decreased tax rate, all the excess taxes withheld from your income due to your high tax rate will be refunded to you with interest. Even if you  request the change later in the year, you will receive the same benefit during 2024.

Page last updated 9/6/2023