Car benefit calculator

If 2023 is the year when the company car or accessories for it were purchased, enter the accessories in “Value of accessories”.
If the company car or accessories were bought before 2023, you must first add the part of the automotive accessories' price exceeding €850 to the car’s list price, and then enter that sum in “List price”.
We will update the calculator at a later stage.

You can use this calculator to determine the taxable value of a passenger car or van you have been given by your employer as a fringe benefit for your private use in Finland.

Calculator for the taxable value of company car

What information does the calculator need?

You need the following information for the calculation:

  • whether the benefit type is limited or unlimited
  • the year when the car was taken into use according to its registration document
  • the car’s list price on the day it was purchased or at the beginning of the month when it was taken into use
  • the value of the car’s accessories.

If you have kept a driver’s log, you can calculate the value of the company car benefit based on the actual number of kilometres driven for private purposes.

Starting in 2022, you can also calculate the taxable value for fully electric cars and hybrid cars.

When should the calculator not be used?

You cannot use the calculator for determining

  • the value of a truck or motorcycle received as a fringe benefit
  • the value of a benefit received from someone other than your employer
  • the value of a car received as a fringe benefit abroad, if the car was first taken into use before the year 2008
  • the value for hybrid-powered vehicles put into service in 2021 or later, if CO2 rating is above 100 grams. In this situation, you can add €85 per month to your company car’s annual tax value.

Page last updated 1/4/2023