Car taxation – when you buy or bring into Finland a car not earlier registered in Finland

You must pay car tax in the following circumstances:

  • You took a vehicle with you from a foreign country and you are re-registering it in Finland.
  • You buy a vehicle in Finland that has no registration. You are registering it for the first time.
  • You put a vehicle into operation in Finland – unless it is a vehicle subject to tax-exempt use.

Submit a declaration of vehicle use and report the car tax in MyTax

Vehicle tax

Vehicle tax has to be paid once a year. The Finnish Transport and Communications agency Traficom collects the vehicle tax from car owners annually (ajoneuvovero in Finnish, not discussed in this guidance).


taxation of fully electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles changes

According to a legislative amendment that becomes effective on 1 January 2022, the car tax rate for passenger cars and vans fully powered by electricity or hydrogen is 0. The zero tax rate applies to passenger cars and vans that have been taken into use on 1 October 2021 or later. 

If the taxpayer’s electric or hydrogen vehicle has been taxed between 1 October and 31 December 2021, the taxpayer does not need to make a claim for adjustment. The Tax Administration will refund the car tax without a separate application.

At the beginning of 2022, you will find information about the refund schedule on the Tax Administration’s website.

Read more: 

Government proposal HE 176/2021 (in Finnish and Swedish) 

News article on 25.10.2021 (in Finnish and Swedish)

How much car tax do I have to pay?

Car tax calculator and amount of car tax

Submit a declaration of use and report the car tax

How to submit the declaration of vehicle use and report car tax.

Pay the car tax

How to pay the car tax

Tax-exempt use of a motor vehicle

Tax-exempt use of a vehicle

Businesses and corporations

Car taxation for corporate and business taxpayers (in Finnish)


Appealing against a decision on car tax

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