Car taxation – when you buy or bring into Finland a car not earlier registered in Finland

You must pay car tax in the following circumstances:

  • You took a vehicle with you from a foreign country and you are re-registering it in Finland.
  • You buy a vehicle in Finland that has no registration. You are registering it for the first time.
  • You put a vehicle into operation in Finland – unless it is a vehicle subject to tax-exempt use.

Car tax is collected for all motor vehicles registered for the first time in Finland, or put on the road for the first time, including passenger cars, vans and buses (weighing less than 1,875 kg), motorcycles and other L-category vehicles (e.g all-terrain quadricycles).

I am taking a car with me to Finland

Bringing a used car to Finland

How much car tax do I have to pay?

Amount of car tax

Tax-exempt use of a motor vehicle

Temporary tax-exempt use

How long does it take to get a decision on car tax?

We normally process the completed tax return form and send the decision back to the taxpayer without delay. We process the returns in the order of their arrival.

When we have finished processing your return, we will inform you by e-mail. You will also receive the decision by post after a few days.

The end date of the period when you are allowed to use the car temporarily tax-free is the due date of the tax. For this reason, you should pay your car tax by its due date, using the payment instructions printed on the decision letter. After this, you can have your car registered.


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