Application for prepayment and for change in withholding tax percentage (5010e)

Visit Tax Card Online to revise your tax card or change your prepayments. Alternatively, you can print out and fill a paper form (Form 5010e).

You can use the form to apply for a change in tax card and/or prepayments if you are an individual taxpayer, business or self-employed, farmer or a partner in a partnership. You can also submit information to the Tax Administration for the calculation of your tax card and/or prepayment for the next year.

Leased employees who are non-resident taxpayers must fill in a separate form 5057e (Application for a nonresident taxpayer's tax-at-source card, prepayment calculation, tax card).

Submit the form to any tax office or send it by post.

Revise your tax card or change your prepayments at
Tax Card Online

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