Working for more than one employer

There is just one card for all types of wages and salaries. You can give the same card to multiple employers. Your tax card has one income ceiling for all your income during the year.

When you request a new tax card, estimate how much income you will receive during the year. Enter all wage income in the same section. You do not need to divide your income into primary and secondary income. 

Request a tax card at MyTax

See the guidance for using MyTax: How to order a tax card in MyTax

You can also order a tax card in other ways

If you are paid trade income, you need a specific tax card

If the pay you receive consists of nonwage compensation for work, either fully or partially, you must submit an application for a specific card for this type of income – often called “trade income”. If you only have a tax card for wages and salaries, your customer cannot use it when paying you. Amounts paid as trade income – nonwage compensation for work – are subject to special deductions that are different from those that concern wages.

What is meant by wages and trade income?

You can give the same card to multiple customers.

Tax card for copyright royalties

If you receive compensation for the use of an immaterial right, such as royalty for a copyright, other royalties, etc., you must submit an application for a specific tax card.

However, if you received the above compensation last year, and this is included in your tax-card calculation on the card you received in December or January for your wages and salaries, you can use the card you received. You can check the enclosure to the card you received in order to verify whether or not your royalty income is included in the calculation and decision.

What is meant by royalty and compensation for use?

Invoicing service companies have different ways of operating.

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