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You may be entitled to certain deductions that reduce the total amount of taxes you must pay. Some deductions have to be claimed. You can claim deductions on your tax card or in your tax return.

You can also submit deduction details on paper forms. If you submit something on paper, do not report the same details again in MyTax.

Check and file

See what deductions you can claim and what deductions that the Tax Administration will calculate for you automatically.

Tax credit for household expenses

See what kind of work is creditable and how you can claim the credit.

Remote working and deductions

See what expenses are deductible and how you can file the deductions.

Travel expenses

You can deduct commuting expenses and other travel expenses related to your work.

Expenses for the production of income

See what expenses are deductible and how you can file the deductions.

Credit due to maintenance obligation

You can receive a tax credit because of your maintenance obligation if you pay child support.

Income spreading

You can ask for an income spreading agreement if you have received a large amount of income in one lump sum.

Donation deduction

Individuals and estates can deduct amounts donated to universities or other higher education institutions from their earned income.

Deduction for reduced capacity to pay taxes

If your capacity to pay taxes has reduced due to a specific reason, you may be granted a special deduction for it.

Deductions from capital income

You can deduct from your capital income the expenses caused by the production and maintaining of capital income.

Page last updated 2/24/2023