Order a tax card for your pension

You will need a tax card for your pension, because pensions are taxed differently to pay.

Request a tax card in good time, as soon as you have received your pension decision. If you do not have a tax card, your pension will be subject to withholding of 40%.

For your pension income tax card you will need

  • the decision on your initial pension
  • information on your income from the start of the year
  • details on withholding and deductions.

You cannot obtain a tax card without these.

We will deliver the new pension income tax card directly to the pension provider. We can also provide your employer with a tax card for salary income.

Order a tax card in MyTax

See the instructions on ordering a tax card online

You can also order a tax card in other ways

  • Call number 029 497 000.
  • Fill in the paper form.
  • Visit the Tax Office.

We will send the new tax card directly to the pension provider.

When you have ordered a tax card for your pension, the Finnish Tax Administration will automatically send information on your tax rate to your pension provider each year. In addition, you receive details about your tax card in MyTax and by post each year, Check these details to ensure that a tax rate has been provided for your pension for the following year. If this information is missing, order a new tax card.

Tax card for pension income requested after 10 November

If you have requested a tax card for pension income after 10 November, you will not receive a pension tax card for 2021 automatically.

What to do:

  • You receive your tax card for 2021 in December or January. You can make changes to your tax card after receiving it.
  • Your tax card for 2020 will be used for the income you receive in January 2021, unless you have requested changes to your 2021 tax card.
  • You will need your tax card for pension income by February 2021. If you do not deliver your pension tax card to the payor, they will withhold 40% of tax on your pension.

Check the information on the tax return

Around New Year, your pension provider will send you information on the pension paid to you, and the related withholding tax, during the previous year. You will need this information when checking your pre-filled tax return. If information is missing from your tax return, add the missing information and correct the tax return, if necessary.

Further information

If you receive care allowance, you will need a special tax card for this.

To obtain the tax card, you will need information on the start date of the payment of care allowance and how much is paid each month.

Submit the tax card to the payer of the care allowance.

The tax rate for care allowance tends to be fairly high, but your pension income tax rate will remain unchanged. Any overpaid taxes will be paid back to you as a tax refund.

Order a tax card in MyTax