Children and young people – first tax card

You need a tax card for summer jobs and other work. You can give your employer a copy of the card delivered to your home address at the start of 2019.

At the turn of the year, we send tax cards to all young people who will be 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 years old in 2019.

Your card is for an annual gross income of 10,000 euros, unless our records from previous years indicate that you have been paid more in the past.

Order a new tax card if necessary

If the tax rate seems too low or high, order a new tax card online. The tax rate on the tax card can be based on an annual income ceiling.

It is intended for employment income, and it has just one income ceiling for the entire year.

Order a tax card online >

You cannot order a tax card online if you do not have online banking codes or it is your first tax card.

Parents can order a tax card for their children.

Parents and guardians can order tax cards online for their minors. How to order a tax card for a minor:

If your child will be 16 in 2019 or is older

If your child is under 16 in 2019

  • If it is your child’s first tax card, you can request it by phone.
  • If your child already has had a tax card for the same year, you can request a card in MyTax.