Children and young people – first tax card

You need a tax card for summer jobs and for other work. You can give your employer a photocopy of the card delivered to your home address at the start of 2021.

At the turn of the year, we send tax cards to all young people who will be 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 years old in 2021.

Your card is for an annual gross income of 10,000 euros, unless our records from previous years indicate that you have been paid more in the past.

Order a new tax card if necessary

If the tax rate seems too low, order a new tax card online. The tax rate on the tax card can be based on an annual income ceiling.

It is intended for employment income, and it has just one income ceiling for the entire year.

Order a tax card online >

You cannot order a tax card online if you do not have online banking codes or if it is your first tax card.

Parents can order a tax card for their children.

Parents and guardians can order tax cards online for their minors. 

What to do:

Go to MyTax.  For "Whose tax matters do you wish to manage?", select "Act on behalf of someone else"

Go to e-Authorizations. Then select the person (the child) whose taxes you want to manage

The tax card that was sent to the person at the turn of the year is in the Mailbox.

How to get a new card for your child who is under 18:

Instructions on how to request a new tax card

For children under 16 who have not yet received any letters from the Tax Administration (no tax card or tax return form), do this:

  1. Select Tax card and prepayment for person under 16 under Activities on the home page.
  2. A message appears, saying that a person under 16 is not issued a card. Click Submit.
  3. You are prompted to start ordering a card now. Click OK.
  4. You are back on the home page. Select Tax cards and prepayments under Activities.
  5. Select Request a new tax card to begin filling in the electronic form. For more information, see How to request a revised 2021 card.