Are you a student? You only need a tax card for employment income

If your income only consists of your study grant, you do not need a tax card. Kela, the payor of study grants, no longer withholds tax on them in 2019. However, if you want to have Kela withhold tax on your income, you can contact Kela and ask them to apply a higher withholding rate.

If you work alongside your studies, you will need a new tax card for your pay. Your study-grant income affects the withholding rate on your pay. However, housing allowance and general housing allowance have no effect on your withholding rate and you do not have to include it when you request a tax card.

Order a tax card in MyTax

See the guidance for MyTax: How to request a tax card in MyTax

See the table for guidance in your situation

Study grant
– you have no other income
The study grant is not taxed.
Study grant
– you also receive other income

However, you will need a tax card for your other income.

Order a tax card.

If you have several employers, you can use the same tax card for all of them. Remember to keep an eye on your income and make sure it does not go over the ceiling value printed on your card. Otherwise, you may have to pay back taxes later.

Invoicing service companies have different ways of operating.

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