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How to find your valid tax card in MyTax

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    You can see your current withholding rate and income ceiling under Tax card and prepayments 2023 in MyTax.

    If you want to save or print out your current tax card, click Tax cards and prepayments.

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    Click the Open tax card button.

  3. There is just one tax card for all types of wage income. You can give the same card to multiple employers. Your tax card has one income ceiling for all your income during the year.

    Please note that you cannot send your current tax card straight to your employer via MyTax.


Tax card for pension or benefit

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    Select the Communication tab on the MyTax home page.

    Then click the Open decisions and letters link under Decisions and letters.

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    You can open the tax card by clicking Tax card (PDF).

Page last updated 3/1/2023