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Temporary protection to persons fleeing Ukraine

The page and instructions for filing the forms are also in Ukrainian: Особи, які прибули з України та отримують тимчасовий захист.

Individuals from Ukraine can submit an application for temporary protection, for asylum, or for both. Individuals who request temporary protection have the right to work in Finland as soon as they have submitted an application to the police or to the border authorities. The Immigration Service (Migri) is the organisation that handles the applications.

The time when you can begin working at a new job is when you have submitted the application for temporary protection. When you have a job, you will need a tax card. The purpose of the card is to indicate the percentage of tax-withholding. In other words, the card tells you how much money will be withheld from your wages. You may start work without a tax card. Your employer will need to see your card when it is time to pay you wages, on the company’s payday. The card indicates the percentage of tax-withholding. So, based on the information appearing on the card, the employer will withhold tax.

If you work at a construction site or a shipyard, you will also need a tax number. The number will be printed on the card. 

In general, those who receive temporary protection do not have social insurance in Finland. If an individual under temporary protection works as an employee receiving monthly wages of €741.45 (1 January - 31 July 2022) or €767,98 (1 August - 31 December 2022) or higher, he or she becomes covered by Finnish social insurance. In this case, the health care contribution of health insurance and the employer's health insurance contribution will be collected from each wage payment. Additionally, the health insurance payment called “daily-allowance contribution” must be paid if your wages are higher than €15,128 a year.

After you have got a job and you need a Finnish tax card—here is what to do:


You can then find out from the Tax Administration’s employee what you need to do to get a tax card, a tax number that may sometimes be necessary, and the Finnish personal identity code. If you need to come to the tax office yourself, you will get an appointment.

If the tax issue at hand makes it necessary for you to come to the tax office, an appointment will be booked for you. We give service – at the tax office and by telephone – in Finnish, Swedish and English. If you cannot communicate in Finnish, Swedish and English, ask an interpreter to phone the tax office and to come to the tax office with you.

After an appointment has been made for you, do this:



For the Finnish personal identity code

If no personal identity code has yet been issued to you in this country, complete Registration information on a foreigner staying in Finland temporarily (Form 6150) and print it out on paper. The form is also available at the tax office. You are expected to be present at the tax office when you put your signature on the form. However, if you can, please fill out the entire form before you come to the tax office. If you already have a personal identity code issued to you in Finland, the application form is not needed. It is possible that that the Immigration Service has already given you the identity code.

For the tax card

Complete the application form for the card (Form 5042e) and print it out on paper. The form is also available at the tax office. But if you can, please fill out the entire form before you come to the tax office. 

You should at least fill in your

  • personal information (including name, date of birth, address)
  • date of arrival in Finland
  • date when your work begins
  • employer's name
  • estimate of the amount of wages for the entire year.


Bring these papers with you:

  • The forms that you have completed
  • Your passport, that must still be valid 
  • Documents proving that you seek temporary protection or the Immigration Service's residence permit issued to you by virtue of temporary protection
  • Your employment contract or other contract relating to your work, photocopied
  • An account in writing from your employer is necessary, if the following information does not appear on your employment contract or other contract:
    • Your employer’s name and contact information
    • Name of the Finnish company that has ordered the services/work that you do
    • Your full name and date of birth
    • Information on the start and end dates of your work in Finland
    • Information on the place where work is done and a short description of the work you do
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