Individuals´ Bank Account Notice (7208e)

Use this form to submit your (or your under-age child's) bank account details to the Tax Administration to receive tax refunds. The easiest way to inform the tax office of your bank account number is in MyTax.

It is for individual taxpayers, i.e. individuals who are not VAT-registered.  If you are self-employed or if you are a VAT taxable person for other reasons, you must submit the information electronically in MyTax.


Inform the tax office of your bank account number or a change in it in MyTax (

Log in to MyTax with your e-bank codes, with your microchip identity card or with a Katso ID.

Note: Another person's, i.e. a child's bank account number cannot be given on their behalf in MyTax. A child who has personal e-banking codes can give their own bank account number online.

If you opt for sending us the paper form, please first fill in the form on a computer, then print it. Remember to sign it. Send the completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration
Customer Data Management
P.O. Box 550
FI-00052 VERO

You can also return the form to any tax office.