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Work in Finland

Read instructions for arriving in Finland to work here: you need a tax card and/or an individual tax number. To apply for the card and the number, you need a Finnish personal identity code.

Please take into account that tax offices may not be able to give you a tax card and/or a tax number immediately. The processing time, on the condition that all your information and documents are made available to the Tax Administration, is normally from 1 to 3 business days.

When you come to Finland to work, your tax treatment depends on the length of your stay. The treatment also depends on the country of the employer, i.e. whether you work for a Finnish employer or for a foreign one. Additionally, special tax rules apply to certain professions and types of work.

A Finnish personal ID

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency issues Finnish personal IDs. In some cases, IDs can be issued by the Finnish Immigration Service or the Finnish Tax Administration. 

Coming to work for a Finnish employer

Read instructions for arriving in Finland to work for a Finnish employer.

Work for a foreign employer

Read instructions for arriving in Finland to work for a foreign employer.


The tax number

If you are working at a construction site or on an installation project or at a shipyard you must have a tax number. See the instructions on how to apply for a tax number and how to enter it into the tax number register.

Temporary protection to persons fleeing Ukraine

You can start working after you have submitted the application for temporary protection to the police or to the border authorities.

Work in Finland guide

Check out the Work in Finland guide for the most important instructions from Finnish authorities in one place. 

Leaving Finland

If you are moving away from Finland, you must file a notification of move and take care of the related tax matters. 

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