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Gross pay calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the gross amount of wages payable to an employee who has arrived in Finland from a foreign country.

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Using the calculator

The gross pay calculator is a tool used in situations where the employer and the employee have agreed on the net amount of wages to be paid and are executing the employment contract. In this case, the employer pays the agreed net amount to the employee. The employer – usually a foreign company – also pays his or her personal income taxes. Under the contract, the foreign employer must not collect these tax payments from the employee later.

The gross pay calculator tells you how much the employee’s gross income should be. The “gross” amount includes the wages paid to the employee and the employer-paid taxes.

The calculator is best suited for circumstances where the employee’s earned income only consists of the net wages paid by the employer. If the employee receives any other income in addition, the employer is not responsible for paying the related taxes. When the employer pays the income tax on the employee’s behalf, this income tax is attributed to the year when the net wages were paid.

Calculating the net wages

All the payments from the employer to the employee, either paid directly to the employee or paid on the employee’s behalf, and on which the employer pays the income tax as well, are considered net wages in Finland.


  • Cash wages
  • Fringe benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Payments made on the employee’s behalf to foreign public authorities as required by the legislation of the foreign country.
Page last updated 11/20/2022