Change of bank account number - individual taxpayers

If you are due a refund, you get it faster if your bank account number is on our file. You can submit the account number online in MyTax or by using a paper-printed form. You cannot submit a bank account number by telephone.

Filing is easier on the Web

Please submit your bank details if you have not done so yet or if the number has changed. The Tax Administration's database can only have one bank account number for an individual taxpayer.

You can submit the account number in MyTax.

MyTax also allows you to submit the bank account number of your underage child. Young people under 18 can also submit their own account number, by logging in to Mytax with a mobile certificate if they have one.

Read on submitting the bank account number of an estate.

You can also submit a bank account number on paper

Using a paper form (Individuals’ Bank Account Notice, Form 7208e)

You are expected to fill in personal details, previous bank account number submitted to the Tax Administration, and the new number. Send back the form to the address printed on it or deliver it to any tax office.

You can call our telephone service number 029 497 026 and ask for a paper form to be sent to you by post (standard call rates).

N.B. The self-employed and other private individuals who are VAT taxpayers must submit their bank account electronically in MyTax.  To use the paper form is not allowed unless there is a special reason such as technical difficulties. You log in to MyTax with personal e-banking security codes, with a Katso ID and Password, or with a microchip ID card.

The paper form continues to be in use for taxpayers filing car tax and excise duties

For car taxes or excise duties, bank account numbers must be submitted on paper.

The bank account number you give for the refunds you may receive of car tax or excise duty can be a different from the one you have submitted to the Tax Administration previously.  This way, people filing car tax or excise duty may have multiple bank account details on file.  For others, our database only has one record of a taxpayer's account number.