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Corporate taxpayer´s bank account notice (7209e)

Corporate taxpayers must use the MyTax e-service when submitting their bank account numbers. Paper filing on this form is not allowed unless there is a special reason for it. For example, technical difficulties may constitute such a reason.  If used, the form is for example for limited-liability companies, general and limited partnerships, consortia, associations and foundations and other corporate taxpayers. 

If you have a special reason and you opt for the paper-printed form, it may only be submitted by someone who is authorised to sign for your company. If the company is a partnership or consortium, all its shareholders must put their signatures on the paper-printed form.

Send completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration
Customer Data Management (Asiakastietojen hallinta)
P.O. Box 550
00052 VERO

The completed form can also be delivered to any tax office.