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Corporate taxpayer's bank account notice (7209e)

Notify the Tax Administration of your company's bank account number in MyTax, so the Tax Administration can send a refund to that bank account.

Paper filing on this form is not allowed unless there is a special reason for it. For example, technical difficulties may constitute such a reason. If used, the form is for limited-liability companies, general and limited partnerships, consortia, associations and foundations and other corporate taxpayers. 

Give the bank account number in MyTax 

If you have a special reason and you opt for the paper-printed form, it can only be submitted by someone who is authorised to sign for your company. The Tax Administration will check the Trade Register records to verify whether the person is authorised to sign for the company.  

For a taxation partnership's (verotusyhtymä; beskattningssammanslutning) bank account notice, all shareholders must put their signatures on the paper form because taxation partnerships are not on the Trade Register. If the partnership or other corporate entity has no authorised representative, you have to ask every shareholder to provide you with a signed letter of authorisation. You can use Form 3810 for this purpose

Send completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration
Customer Data Management (Asiakastietojen hallinta)
P.O. Box 550
00052 VERO

The completed form can also be delivered to any tax office.

Page last updated 4/11/2024