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Letter of Authorisation for Tax Representation of individual taxpayers (3818e)

You cannot use this power of attorney to authorise someone else to use MyTax or other Tax Administration e-services on your behalf. E-services require authorisation. How to grant a authorisation for tax matters

Complete this form to authorise someone to act on your behalf when dealing with the Tax Administration. The authorisation is either effective until further notice or for one-time use only.

After an authorisation has been granted, your agent or representative can:

  • Handle your taxes by phone, or walk in to a tax office to handle your taxes
  • Submit tax information concerning you on paper forms

Authorisation for an indefinite period: Your agent may act before the Tax Administration on your behalf in all matters, for example sign your tax return or submit your new bank account details or change of address.

Deliver the completed form to any tax office or send it by post.

Authorisation for one-time use: Your agent must have a letter of authorisation when visiting the Tax Administration. If they contact the Tax Administration by post, the letter of authorisation may be enclosed with the documents.

Page last updated 10/20/2023