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How to submit a bank account number in MyTax

Please submit your bank account number to the Tax Administration if you have not done so yet, or if the bank account number has changed. When we have your correct bank account number, you will receive your tax refunds more quickly. Read more: Change of bank account number

You will not be able to submit bank account numbers in MyTax in all circumstances. Please see related instructions at the bottom of this page.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window).Then proceed as follows.

  1. Select the Taxpayer details tab on the home page

  2. Click Submit bank account number in the Bank details section.

  3. Enter the account number in the section New entry.

  4. Stage Preview and send: Check that the details are correct. Finally, click Submit.

  5. The new bank account number is displayed in your details straight away.

  6. If you wish, you can choose that the account number can be changed only by a person who has logged in to MyTax. If you do so, the account number cannot be submitted on paper. First select Taxpayer details, and then scroll down to Setting restrictions on service channels. Then select Change service channel and finally select Only electronic service channels permitted.

Estate’s account number

The account number of a death estate can be submitted on the form Notice of bank information of an Estate (7926e).

The estate’s bank account – submit the account number to receive refunds

Account number of a limited company, a public limited company or a non-profit association

The account number of a limited company, a public limited company or a non-profit association can be changed in MyTax only by the individual who has been entered in the trade register as the representative of the company or association (e.g. the Managing Director). This means that an agent with the “Managing tax matters” authorisation cannot change the company’s bank account number in MyTax.

Bank account numbers of people under legal guardianship

You cannot use MyTax for submitting or for making changes to the bank account number of someone who is under legal guardianship. Guardians may instead use Form 7208e on paper to inform the Tax Administration of the account number

Page last updated 5/14/2024