Notice of bank information of an Estate (7926e)

This form is for giving an undistributed estate's bank account number to the Tax Administration to facilitate direct deposit of any tax refunds. If the estate is VAT registered, or if it is a nonresident estate, you must use MyTax for the submittal. These estates are only allowed to use the paper form if there is a special reason.

Read more about Tax refunds payable to an estate of a deceased person

Inform the tax office of your new/changed bank account numbers in MyTa

Estates must use a Katso ID to login to MyTax. To submit bank information, the Katso user must be the Master User or have the Company MyTax or "parallel master user" role.

Please first fill in the form on a computer, then print it. Don't forget to authorize it with your signature.

Post the completed form with enclosures to:
Tax Administration
Customer Data Management
PO Box 550
FI-00052 VERO

You can also deliver it to any tax office.