Which bank account is the refund paid into?

Your tax refund is paid into the bank account that you have given us. Check the account number in MyTax or on your pre-completed tax return or tax decision.

If you have not given your bank account number to the Tax Administration, or if your account number has changed, log in to MyTax to submit a valid bank account number. Alternatively, you can use a paper form. If you submit the account number in MyTax, it is updated in our data system immediately. MyTax also allows you to submit the bank account number of your underage child.

See the guidance: How to submit a bank account number in MyTax

Please note: the Tax Administration's data system has only one bank account number per taxpayer. You cannot submit an account number by telephone. Read more: Change of bank account number.

When is the deadline to submit the account number?

Submit your bank account number to us as soon as you can. This ensures that you receive your tax refund into your bank account on the refund date. The date when the Tax Administration pays out refunds is provided in your tax decision and in MyTax. When you submit the account number in MyTax, you do not have to wait for the refund. If you submit it on a paper form, there may be delays while your form is being processed.

Deadlines for submitting your bank account number.
Date when refunds are paid out, stated on the tax decision Deadline to submit bank account number in MyTax Deadline to submit bank account number on paper
5 July 2021 28 June 2021 17 May 2021
3 Aug 2021 27 July 2021 17 May 2021
3 Sept 2021 29 Aug 2021 30 July 2021
4 Oct 2021 27 Sept 2021 30 Aug 2021
3 Nov 2021 27 Oct 2021 30 Sept 2021
3 Dec 2021 28 Nov 2021 29 Oct 2021

How do I get my refund if I have not given my account number on time or at all, or if my bank account has been closed?

If the Tax Administration does not have the refund recipient’s bank account number, the refund will be paid by money order, i.e. paid through Nordea Bank.

After receiving a money order, you can act in two different ways:

A. You can still submit your account number in MyTax. The tax refund is already on its way to the bank where you can cash the money order. If you do not cash the money order in 28 days, the bank returns the uncashed amount to the Tax Administration. The time limit is counted from the date of the money order. After the time limit has expired, the tax refund will be paid to your bank account within about a week.
How to submit a bank account number in MyTax

B. Go to a Nordea branch office in Finland that offers cash services. Take the money order with you to cash the tax refund. You must do so within 28 days from the date of the money order. For more instructions, see the letter you received from the bank. Please note that the bank will charge you a service fee for the cashing of the refund.


  • Refunds below €15 will not be paid by money order. Please contact the Tax Administration if you wish to cash the refund at the bank.
  • Nordea will send you a letter about the money order to the address saved in the Tax Administration’s records. You cannot receive a money order unless the address is in Finland.
  • If the amount of the refund is higher than €1,700, the Tax Administration will pay it into the recipient’s bank account, if possible. In these cases, the refund can be paid by money order only on your request.