Why have I not received my tax refund?

This page lists the most common reasons for why you may not have received your tax refund on the date stated on your tax decision.

You have made additions or corrections to your pre-completed tax return. 
If you have made additions or corrections to your pre-completed tax return, you will get a new tax decision after we have processed the new information you have filed. The refund amount and refund date may change. Check your current refund details in your new tax decision or in MyTax.

Your spouse has changed their tax return.
The tax assessment of spouses always ends at the same time. If your spouse makes additions to their tax return, the end of their tax assessment may be delayed. This means your assessment end date and refund date may change, as well. 

The Tax Administration has received information that affects your tax assessment.
We can receive information that affects your tax assessment from third parties, such as your employer. If we do, we send you a notice that your tax assessment is delayed and your refund date is postponed.

The Tax Administration does not have your correct bank account number.
The bank account number you have given us is incorrect, the bank account is closed, or you have not given your bank account number to us. Read more about how to submit your bank account number: Which bank account is the refund paid into?

Your tax refund is less than €5.
Refunds under €5 are not paid out.

You have not filed all your tax returns.
You have neglected to file a certain tax return (such as a VAT return) or the tax returns you have filed do not contain all the required information. You will receive your tax refund after you have filed all the required details.

You have debts in enforcement.
The enforcement authorities have used your tax refund to pay for your debts.

You have overdue taxes.
Your refunds can be used to pay for your other taxes on their due date. Read more about using tax refunds to cover unpaid taxes.