How to check your tax refund in MyTax

  1. You can see how much you receive as your tax refund on the home page, under “Individual income tax”. The home page displays the amount, valid on the date when you receive your tax decision for the year. It continues to be displayed up to the date when the refund is paid to you.

  2. To check when the tax refund will be paid to you, click “When is the tax refund paid out or when must the back taxes be paid?”

  3. Please note that if the Tax Administration has used your refund money to pay for your unpaid, overdue taxes, this will not be reflected in the amount you see on the home page. To check how the Tax Administration has used the money that could have been refunded, go to the “Payments and refunds made” tab. After the end date of your tax assessment, any refund that would otherwise be paid to you can be used towards unpaid taxes.