Where can I find the bank account number and the reference?

The Tax Administration no longer has a bank account in OP
Pay your taxes to the Tax Administration’s bank accounts in either Danske Bank or Nordea. If you have saved the Tax Administration’s OP bank account number in your online bank or some other system, please delete the OP account number and replace it with the Tax Administration’s Danske Bank or Nordea account number. Look them up in MyTax or on the decision letter.

This guidance is for both individual and corporate taxpayers.

You can look up the numbers you need either in MyTax or on your tax decision. The Tax Administration’s bank account numbers are not on tax.fi. It is not enough to just state the bank account number when you have to pay a tax. You must enter your personalised reference number for tax payment.

See instructions: How to find the correct reference number in MyTax.

Whenever you pay taxes, you must have the following information at hand:

  • The amount of the tax and the due date
  • The Tax Administration's bank account number
  • The reference number for the type of taxes you are paying

Whenever you pay taxes, you must enter a reference number

The Tax Administration has bank accounts in Danske Bank and Nordea. It is not enough to just state the bank account number. You must also enter the reference number. This is necessary, so your payment can be matched with the right tax. Every taxpayer has a personalised reference number. Correspondingly, every type of tax has their own reference number. Your reference numbers remain the same.

Example: You receive a reference number for real estate tax on your real estate tax decision. You can also find that number in MyTax. You can use the same reference number for this year’s real estate tax and for paying real estate taxes in future. However, this number is for real estate taxes only. Do not use it for other taxes. In the same way, it is a personalised reference number only for you. Do not use it if you are paying real estate taxes on someone else’s (like your spouse’s) behalf.

The Tax Administration’s reference numbers are in the “RF” format. Write the reference number in full, including the letters RF. Sometimes you may be unable to enter the reference number (e.g. if you are using a foreign bank’s e-service). In this case, you can enter it in the message field.

Paying taxes at Danske Bank

You can also pay the taxes at some Danske Bank branch offices without having to pay a service fee. If you do so, you must have a bank form issued by the Tax Administration with you, or specific details similar to those printed on such a form, including name of taxpayer, name of beneficiary etc.

For more information, visit the Danske Bank website on www.danskebank.fi.

In the Åland Islands, the State Office of Åland offers cashier services for tax payment free of charge.

You cannot pay your taxes at tax offices or customs offices.