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Instructions for VAT payment

VAT is a self-assessed tax. This means that you will not receive a bank transfer form for it from the Tax Administration. 

You can pay the VAT in MyTax. If you pay the tax in your e-bank or in some other way, check the Tax Administration’s bank account number and the reference number for self-assessed taxes in MyTax. You can also check them by calling 029 497 026, the Tax Administration’s service number for payments.

When you pay in MyTax, the following details are pre-completed on the payment template:

  • Reference number for self-assessed taxes
  • Tax Administration's bank account number
  • Date of payment (always the present day (in MyTax))
  • The amount you must pay. The amount of the value-added tax is based on the VAT return that you have sent. In the same way, if you pay some other self-assessed taxes, the amount is based on the return you have sent. The amount that you see is the sum, valid today, of the tax and any late-payment interest. You can change the amount if it is necessary to change it.

Paying tax or checking the payment information

Did you pay VAT past deadline?

If you pay your VAT after the due date, you must pay late-payment interest. VAT starts collecting interest on the day after the due date. Interest collection stops on the day when you make the payment. For 2024, the rate of late-payment interest is 11%.

Log in to MyTax to check the exact amount and interest.

If you are unable to pay the VAT by the due date, you can request a payment arrangement for temporary financial difficulties.

Page last updated 1/1/2024