Paying with the e-invoice

What are the benefits of the e-invoice?

The electronic method of payment known as the e-invoice (e-lasku in Finnish) is fast and reliable, and it helps you keep track of due dates. The e-invoices you receive have all the necessary details for each payment pre-saved in them. You no longer have to type the details during your e-banking session.

What kind of taxpayers can start using it?

The e-invoice is designed for individual and self-employed taxpayers.

What types of taxes can I pay with it?

You can pay real estate taxes, prepayments, and back taxes. The Tax Administration sends you an e-invoice only if you have any of these to pay.

Corporate taxpayers who must pay real estate tax are offered another type of e-billing system (verkkolasku; nätfaktura) instead of the e-invoice.
Read more about e-payments for corporations (in Finnish and Swedish).

How to start using the e-invoice

Log into your e-bank service to set up an e-invoicing contract. All you need is your personal ID and your e-bank security codes. Go to e-invoices and find the invoicing organization: Tax Administration (=Verohallinto). Select it, and create separate requests for real estate taxes and for prepayments & back taxes.

There are two options available:

  • e-invoicing contract on real estate taxes
  • e-invoicing contract on prepayments and back taxes

In other words, to start paying all the three types of taxes this way, you must have two contracts.

When is the recommended time to start using the e-invoice?

You can set up an e-invoice contract with your bank at any time. However, there must be at least three weeks to an upcoming due date. For more information on due dates, click here.

When does my e-bank receive an e-invoice from the Tax Administration?

You will see the e-invoice approximately two weeks before its due date.

When it has arrived in your e-bank, all you have to do is approve it. It will then be debited from your account on the due date. If necessary, you can change the due date of the e-invoice. However, please note that any tax that has not been paid on time is subject to late-payment consequences. Read more: Interest and increase are added to taxes that are overdue

Can I cancel my e-invoicing contract?

Yes. In order to cancel it, you can log in to your e-bank to send a message that you want to terminate an e-invoicing contract.

  • If you cancel the e-invoice for real estate tax, you will still get e-invoices for prepayments and back taxes.
  • If you cancel the e-invoice for prepayments and back taxes, you will still get e-invoices for real estate tax.
  • Accordingly, to cancel all your e-invoicing contracts with the Tax Administration, you must make two separate cancellations.

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