Paying with the e-invoice

The e-invoice is a safe and simple method of payment that makes paying taxes and remembering due dates easier. Payment details are included automatically on the invoice, so you no longer need to enter them each time you make a payment.

What kind of taxpayers can start using it?

The e-invoice is meant for private individuals and the self-employed.

Which taxes can I pay with the e-invoice?

You can request an e-invoice for real estate taxes, prepayments and back taxes. You will only receive an e-invoice if you have these taxes to pay. Note that you will not receive an e-invoice on additional prepayments.

If you are a corporate taxpayer liable to pay real estate tax, you can pay by web invoice, which is another method of e-invoicing. Read more about web invoices for corporate entities.

How do I request an e-invoice?

You can request an e-invoice in your e-bank. You need your e-bank codes and your personal ID. Find the place where you can request e-invoices in the e-bank. Select “Verohallinto” (Tax Administration) as the invoicing organisation and request the e-invoice.

You only need to make one request for real estate tax, prepayments and back taxes. You will only receive an e-invoice if you have these taxes to pay.

When should I request an e-invoice?

You can request an e-invoice at any time, but no later then three weeks before the due date. Read more about the due dates for different tax types.

When does the e-invoice arrive in the e-bank service?

You will receive the e-invoice in your e-bank approximately two weeks before the due date of the tax.

When you have received the invoice, you only need to approve it. The payment is then automatically debited from your bank account on the due date. If necessary, you can change the due date on the e-invoice. However, please note that if you pay the tax after its original due date, you must also pay late-payment charges. Read more: Interest and increase are added to taxes that are overdue

Where can I see my current payment method?

If you have already requested e-invoicing or direct payment, you can see the payment method in MyTax or in the field for the euro amount on your tax decision’s bank transfer form.

Can I cancel my e-invoicing request?

If you no longer wish to receive e-invoices, you can cancel the request in your e-bank.

If you cancel the request, you will stop receiving e-invoices for all tax types (real estate tax, prepayments and back taxes). You cannot cancel e-invoicing separately for just one tax type.

Go to your e-bank to request e-invoicing:


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