How to pay taxes in MyTax

  1. You can pay taxes as online payments in MyTax, where you can also check the details you need for making payments, such as the reference number for taxes and the Tax Administration bank account numbers.

    Select Paying taxes under Activities on the MyTax home page. You can also pay taxes on the tax type pages.

  2. In the window you will see the taxes to be paid and the details needed for making payments. You can pay taxes by clicking the button next to the tax type, such as Pay individual income tax.

  3. Enter the payment amount and click Next.

    The payment date is automatically the present day. Due dates cannot be changed, but you may pay in instalments.

  4. Click Go to e-bank to pay taxes in your e-bank.

  5. Once you have paid the tax, the payment is displayed in MyTax within 1-2 days.