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How to file a car tax return in MyTax

  1. MyTax opens on the Your tax types tab. Select the All tax types tab.

  2. Select Activities relating to car tax under Car tax on the All tax types tab.

  3. Select Car tax return.

  4. Please check that the names, addresses, etc. are right for the Filer of the car tax return. Enter the Vehicle identification number (VIN). You may previously have submitted a Declaration of vehicle use. If so, after you enter the VIN number the vehicle’s information will appear automatically on the Car tax return. However, if you did not submit the Declaration of use, complete the basic details of the vehicle now.

  5. Fill in vehicle category and indicate whether the vehicle is new or used. You may previously have submitted a Declaration of vehicle use. If so, there will automatically be a pre-filled date as the Start date of taxable use in Finland. However, your vehicle may not be entered into taxable use. In this case, you can leave the space blank. Move on to Technical details, the next stage.

  6. Enter the Technical details. Click on the drop-down list to select vehicle make and model. Proceed to fill in all the other required information. If you make entries to the fields for vehicle variant and version, it is possible that MyTax will pre-fill the fields for technical details automatically.

  7. Click on the drop-down list to select grounds for the CO2 emissions rate

  8. If the vehicle is a passenger car or a van, and its age is less than 24 months, you must also indicate the vehicle equipment the vehicle comes with. Select the appropriate equipment level from the drop-down list. Indicate the vehicle’s other accessories, as well. These accessories are those that are not part of the selected equipment level. You can add attachment files in the following formats: pdf, rtf, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, tiff and png. Alternatively, you can use the text field to enter the accessories there. If the vehicle’s equipment level is unknown, first select Other level of equipment, then make a list of all the equipment of the vehicle, and either add this list as an attachment file or use the text field to copy-paste the list.

  9. After you have given the technical details, move on to the next stage, Preview and send.

  10. Please re-check the details. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections.

  11. Please re-check the technical details. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections.  You can select Save as unfinished if you want to come back later to complete the tax return. Your entries are kept saved for 3 months. The Tax Administration will not process the data before you have submitted it. When everything is correct, click Submit.

Page last updated 1/1/2021