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How to submit a Declaration of use in MyTax

  1. MyTax opens on the Your tax types tab. Select the All tax types tab.

  2. Select Car tax under All tax types.

  3. Select Declaration of use.

  4. Please check that the names, etc. are right (for the Filer and for the person who provides further information). After that, go to Vehicle details, the next stage.

  5. Fill in the VIN number, whether the vehicle is new or used, date of first registration, odometer reading at the start of use in Finland, vehicle category, make and model, and the start date of use in Finland. Proceed to Preview and send.

  6. Please re-check all the information. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections. You can select Save as unfinished if you want to come back later to complete the Declaration. Your entries are kept saved for 3 months. The Tax Administration will not process the data before you have submitted it. When everything is correct, click Submit.

  7. You get an acknowledgement of receipt. Please note that this acknowledgement is not the confirmation letter, which would give you the right to operate the vehicle on the road. For more information about the confirmation letter, see section 9 below.

    You have the option to move on directly from the acknowledgement-of-receipt page to the submittal of a Car tax return. To do so, press the File car tax return button.  After that, all the entries you made on the Declaration of use will show pre-filled on the Car tax return

  8. You can find the confirmation letter (Declaration of vehicle use) on MyTax home page, the Tasks tab, when you click on See decisions and letters.

  9. You can see the Declaration (a pdf file) in your MyTax Mailbox. Print it out on paper. This is your confirmation letter, to be kept in your vehicle when you drive it.

Page last updated 5/10/2021