How to submit a Declaration of use in MyTax

  1. Select All activities.

  2. Go to Tax returns and tax information and select Car tax.

  3. Select Declaration of use.

  4. Please check that the names and phone numbers are right for the Filer and for the person who provides further information. After that, go to Vehicle details, the next stage.

  5. Fill in the VIN number, new or used, date of first registration, and the kilometres on the odometer.

  6. Fill in vehicle category, make, model and the start date of its use in Finland. Proceed to Preview and send.

  7. Now you can re-check all the information. If you need to make changes, click on Edit. When all the details are correct, submit the Declaration of use.

  8. You will receive the confirmation letter immediately. Find it on MyTax home page, in the Mailbox. Print it out on paper.  Keep the letter in your vehicle when you drive it.