How to import a used vehicle to Finland from the EEA

Prior to importing a vehicle to Finland

eta kuva 1Find out the following details before buying a vehicle: the seller’s ownership of the vehicle, vehicle identification number (VIN), actual mileage, the vehicle’s compliance with requirements in Finland (e.g. EC type approval and obligatory equipment) and information on CO2emissions, which the vehicle’s tax rate is usually based on.

Draw up an appropriate sales contract on the sale with the seller. If necessary, contact a vehi- cle inspection station or the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) to find out the registration requirements.

Find out the local regulations that apply when driving a vehicle to Finland.There are different practices in different countries in terms of transfer permits and registration.

Several countries have legislation that requires the vehicle to be removed from the register when permanently exported from the country. Otherwise, the buyer of the vehicle may have to pay foreign fees.

The document showing the vehicle’s CO2 emissions can be a registration certificate issued in an EEA state showing details about the vehicles EC type approval as well as variant and version numbers, or a certificate of conformity (CoC).

The import is made easier if you have acquired motor liability insurance from your insurance company in advance and the vehicle has a valid registration in an EEA state. More information on a foreign transfer registration that can be ordered in advance can be found online by using the search terms ”transit plate” or ”export plate”. 

Importing the vehicle to Finland and using it in Finland

If you drive the vehicle in Finland immediately after the import before registering it in Finland, you should see to the following:

Declaration of use

käytetyn ajoneuvon maahantuonti 2Submit a declaration of use for your vehicle online (you can submit the declaration using most mobile devices).

You get an automatic confirmation (customs form in pdf format) of the valid declaration of use to your e-mail account, and it serves as proof of the declaration.

You are to carry the declaration of use confirmed by Tax Administration with you in the vehicle in readable form (printout or on mobile device).

A declaration of use need not be submitted if the vehicle is not used in Finland prior to its registration or if it is transferred on a means of transport.

Foreign registration or transfer permit and motor liability insurance

eta 3Acquire a registration for your vehicle in another EEA state or a Finnish transfer permit.

Acquire motor liability insurance or transfer insurance cover for you vehicle.

The user of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the registration and motor liability insurance of the vehicle are valid when the vehicle is used in traffic in Finland after the import.The vehicle must also meet the requirements of vehicle roadworthiness.

You do not have to visit Tax Administration at the import stage if you have a valid registration in the EEA and motor liability insurance for the vehicle and you have received confirmation on the declaration of use.

If your vehicle does not have a foreign registration and you need a Finnish transfer permit and/or transfer insurance, contact the customs office at the point of entry.You can find further information about the transfer insurance on the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre’s website (

If the validity of your vehicle’s registration in another EEA state ends before the vehicle can be registered in Finland, you should obtain Finnish transfer marks from a vehicle inspection station.


kuva 1 You should submit a car tax declaration with enclosures within five days of submitting the declaration of use. Find the instructions on how to lodge a car tax declaration here.  
kuva 1 A car tax decision will be sent by post to your home address.The car tax is payable within 15 days of the date of the decision.
kuva 1 The right to use the vehicle based on the declaration of use ends on the due date of the car tax.After this, the vehicle can only be used if it is registered in Finland.

Registration inspection and registration

The requirements for registration of the vehicle are that the car tax has been paid and that the vehicle has passed the registration inspection.

Registration inspection

kuva 5The imported vehicle must be inspected before registration.

You can have your vehicle inspected for registration after its arrival in the country even before the implementation of taxation.

You can enclose a copy of the registration inspection certificate with the car tax declaration. This will speed up the car tax implementation at Customs.


kuva6After the car tax has been paid, it takes 1–3 days before the payment is shown in Tax Administration's systems.

Tax Administration sends the registration permission to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi electronically.The vehicle can be registered in Finland at a vehicle inspection station.

The person registered as the owner of the vehicle (or, in the case of hire-purchase transactions, the holder) in the vehicle register should be the same as the party liable to pay tax given in the car tax decision.

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