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How to find letters, tax decisions and tax certificates in MyTax

  1. Select the Communication tab.

  2. Click the Open decisions and letters link under Decisions and letters.



  3. You can see all the decisions and letters you have received during the last 12 months listed on the page.

    In order to find decisions and letters that are over 12 months old or that have been opened or archived, you need to use the search function.

    • If the tax decision is ready, you can see it on the list.
    • If you cannot find a decision on your personal income taxation, your tax information is still being processed and may change up until the end date of the assessment process. You will receive your tax decision at the end of October at the latest.

List of MyTax-archived start years for different decisions

Not all old tax decisions are available in MyTax. You can find your tax decisions and letters in MyTax as of the date when it became possible to take care of related tax matters in MyTax. For example

  • gift taxation as of the beginning of 2016
  • VAT and other self-assessed taxes as of the beginning of 2017
  • corporate income taxation as of the beginning of 2017
  • individual taxpayers’ income taxes (e.g. tax cards) as of November 2018
  • transfer tax and construction reports as of November 2019
  • real estate taxation as of the beginning of 2020
  • car taxes and excise duties as of the beginning of 2021

If you need to access some older tax information, see instructions on the “Individual document requests” page (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

Page last updated 2/22/2024