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Inheritance tax decision ā€“ each inheritor receives their own decision

Normally, processing times for deeds of estate inventory at the Tax Administration may vary between 6 and 12 months. However, this estimate is an average time. Because each case of inheritance taxation involves specific facts and information, the length of time required for assessing a particular inheritance case may be longer or shorter.

Further information about average processing times at the Tax Administration

After the Tax Administration has processed the deed of estate inventory, each one of the inheritors will receive a decision on inheritance tax indicating the amount of their inheritance tax.

The decision also indicates whether the property values and deductions stated in the deed of estate inventory were accepted as the base for inheritance tax assessment.

If no inheritance tax is imposed and we cannot send the inheritance tax decision to all inheritors, we send the decision to the estate’s authorised agent.

If you use the Messages service, you will receive the decision in MyTax only. If you are not a Messages user, the Tax Administration will additionally send you the decision by post.

Keep the inheritance tax decision for future reference

We recommend that you keep the Tax Administration’s decision together with the deed of estate inventory.

For example, if you sell some of the property you inherited, you may need to check the taxable value that the Tax Administration had confirmed on the inheritance tax decision. The taxable value is used as the property’s purchase price in any future calculations concerning capital gains or capital losses where.

Have you misplaced your inheritance tax decision?

If you need the tax decision but you cannot find it,

  • you can retrieve a copy of the decision in MyTax (decisions dated November 2019 or later); or
  • you can contact the Tax Administration to ask for a photocopy of your personal inheritance tax decision by telephone, through our e-services or by filling in a paper form.

How to find the decision in MyTax

The Tax Administration’s telephone service numbers

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