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How to type names with less commonly used Latin characters on a Finnish PC keyboard

Keys to press to type some less common characters

Shift  (arrow up) - This key for capital letters and other "Shift-level characters" is usually located to the left, just above the Ctrl key.

Alt - This key is on the left side of the Space bar.

Alt Gr - The Alt Gr key is on the right side of the Space bar.

You must hold at least one of the above keys down when pressing other keys as described here. The Alt or Alt Gr key is held down and number sequences (such as 0167) are typed on the Number Pad on the right side of your keyboard.

Attention! Do not forget to have NumLock on.

The Accent key: This key is for the acute accent (´) and the grave accent (`) to be added on top of some characters.

The Diaeresis key: This key is for the diaeresis or trema (¨) and also for the circumflex (^) to be added on top och some characters, and it sometimes includes the tilde sign (~).

The Space bar: This is the long horizontal bar-shaped key in the middle.

Accented characters (such as é and ü)

If the name has an accent or some other diacrite sign on top of another character, you must use the Accent or Diaeresis keys to produce it on your keyboard and sometimes hit and hold down the Shift- or Alt Gr keys as follows:

Accent + a results in á
Shift + accent + a results in à
Diaeresis + a results in ä
Shift + diaeresis + a results in â
Alt Gr + diaeresis +a results in ã

Press and hold Shift to type capital characters.

Special characters table

æ Alt + 0230 LATIN SMALL LETTER AE Latin small letter æ
Æ Alt + 0198 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE Latin capital letter AE
ø Alt + 0248 LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE Latin small letter o with stroke
Ø Alt + 0216 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE Latin capital letter O with stroke
ð Alt + 0240 LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH Latin small letter eth
Ð Alt + 0208 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ETH Latin capital letter eth
þ Alt + 0254 LATIN SMALL LETTER THORN Latin small letter thorn
Þ Alt + 0222 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER THORN Latin capital letter thorn
ç Alt + 0231 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA Latin small letter c with cedilla
Ç Alt + 0199 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA Latin capital letter C with cedilla
ß Alt + 0223 LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S Latin small letter sharp s
Other characters known as "diacrite" signs
¯ Alt + 0175 MACRON The macron line
~ Alt Gr + Diaeresis+ Space bar TILDE The tilde
^ Shift + Diaeresis + Space bar CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT The circumflex
¨ Diaeresis + Space bar DIAERESIS The trema
´ Alt + Accent + Space bar ACUTE ACCENT The Acute Accent
` Shift + Accent + Space bar GRAVE ACCENT The Grave Accent
¸ Alt + 0184 CEDILLA The Cedilla
Page last updated 11/8/2019