How to log in to MyTax and other e-services

You must log in to be able to take care of your or your company’s tax matters in our e-services. Log in to MyTax or our other e-services with your e-bank codes, a mobile certificate, an electronic ID card or a Katso ID.

If you use the service on behalf of someone else, you will need a authorisation or a Katso ID.

Log in with e-bank codes, ID card or mobile certificate

You can log in with personal e-bank codes, an electronic ID card or a mobile mobile certificate, if you are:

  • a private individual
  • a business owner, self-employed
  • an operator of a farm or forestry enterprise
  • the representative of a limited liability company, housing company, cooperative society, general partnership, limited partnership or association, if you have an authorisation recorded in the Trade Register that entitles you to use MyTax on their behalf.

Katso identification

The following taxpayer groups can log in with a Katso ID:

  • companies (limited liability companies, housing companies and real estate holding companies)
  • foundations and associations
  • public organisations (such as municipalities and parishes)
  • partnerships (such as agricultural, forestry and business partnerships)
  • estates with a Business ID
  • joint-benefit administrations
  • foreign citizens and companies.

One authentication for multiple services

MyTax uses the authentication service. It enables single sign-in to all the e-services of public organisations in which the authentication service is in use. For example, you can move from MyTax directly to Messages without having to log in again.

Identification without Finnish ID - eIDAS identification for EU citizens

Some EU citizens can use their home country's national identification methods to access Tax Administration services through eIDAS identification.

Frequently asked questions

To get online banking codes you must sign an agreement with your bank. Note that only personal online banking codes enable you to log in to our e-services.

A mobile certificate is an identifier in your mobile phone’s SIM card. 

If the mobile certificate is in an employee’s business phone, it is not regarded as taxable income for the employee. If the certificate is in the employee’s private phone and is used for business purposes, the employer must give the employee a tax-exempt reimbursement for the expense against a receipt.

Read more about the mobile certificate at

A certificate card is an ID card containing a citizen certificate or an organisation card containing an organisation certificate. ID cards are issued by the police, whereas organisation cards are issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

If the employer acquires an ID card for an employee, the card is regarded as taxable earned income for the employee. An organisation card, on the other hand, is not regarded as taxable income. If the employer has bought a card reader and it will remain in the employer’s use, the reader is not regarded as a taxable benefit for the employee.

Read more about certificate cards on the Digital and Population Data Services Agencys website: Certificates and cards for organisations