How to log in

Users of e-Services must log in for managing their taxes online. 

Individual taxpayers can normally log in through their e-bank while corporate taxpayers including partnerships and organisations need a Katso ID and password. For further instructions, see the home pages of the e-services you want to use.

Changes to e-services and authorisations

Changes are made to e-services and authorisations. The Tax Administration will start using e-Authorisations in November 2018. Read more

Personal e-Bank for individuals and the self-employed

You can log in through your e-bank or with a microchip identity card if you are:

  • a private individual
  • a self-employed person (T:mi)
  • an operator of a farm or forestry enterprise

Katso ID and password for other businesses

Corporate taxpayers must have Katso identifiers for logging in. This rule applies to the following groups of taxpayers:

  • Companies (including limited-liability companies, housing companies and real estate companies)
  • Corporate entities (including foundations and associations)
  • Public organisations (such as municipalities and church parishes)
  • Consortia (such as a business consortium or consortia for agriculture and forestry)
  • Estates of deceased persons

For accounting firms and companies, Katso IDs and passwords are the key to MyTax and other e-Services.  Starting January 2017, tax returns for self-assessed taxes are submitted and taxes paid in MyTax.